About Southern Steeplejacks

Southern Steeple Jacks: Repair, Restore and Replace Church Steeples, Spires, Cupolas, Bell Towers and Columns

Southern Steeplejacks

Southern Steeplejacks has been in business since 1983 doing all types of tall structure repairs. We specialize in repair and restoration of church steeples, bell towers, clock tower and cupolas.

We sell and install new steeples.  We remove steeples.

We are located in Hendersonville N.C. We are bonded and insured for all 50 states.

Southern Steeplejacks scales tall structures to for repair, restoration or maintenance. - Southern Steeplejacks - 828-685-0940
Southern Steeplejacks scales tall structures for inspection, repair, restoration or maintenance.

What is a steeplejack?

A steeplejack is a craftsman who scales buildings, chimneys, and church steeples to carry out repairs or maintenance.


We have the experience and equipment to safely repair, restore or replace steeples, spires, columns, domes, towers and cupolas.